The Switch and Forward Movement

Hey folks!

The first of September came and went, and we quietly switched over the site and accounts elsewhere (Twitter and IG) online. The original J.PEDEGANA site will still be connected, just rerouted to this spot. I’m slowly making different changes to the site, and figure that will be ongoing until I find something I am satisfied with. Which, may be forever.

I’m wanting to keep it somewhat simple, colorful, and open to add shop options. When we get more items physically, that will begin. Jamie will be making jewelry and different products, and my work, collaborations, stickers, and short run apparel and prints will all be housed in one spot. Finally.

I’m hoping to dive in more frequently to this blog, adding more personal and assorted content as I feel comfortable. It’s a solid outlet, and I enjoy it as a distraction and substitute for blathering on Facebook. I am currently teaching myself more coding, animation, and keeping up with an ever evolving digital media path, while still trying to keep an analog handle. Learning and experimenting is a fun part of art, maybe the best part. The toughest part is finding the time, but, it has to be made.

Jamie and I are excited about what Secret Fortress Workshop holds moving forward. We have a long term plan, but are open to surprises along the way. There’s still alot to do until either of us will be content with the content. We thank you, whoever you are, for coming by and keeping up. It means a ton, as do the messages and encouragement we have received. It won’t be taken for granted. We’ll do our best to make it count for sure.

Thanks again.

Play nice,

Jason & Jamie Pedegana (J.Pedegana - Secret Fortress)