Inktober and Everything After

Inktober has fallen upon us once again. The yearly (since Jake Parker’s creation in ‘09) event is participated in by multitudes of artists on social media.  I was on the fence about participating this year, after doing it in years past; I just didn’t think I would have time. Then I thought about the point of Inktober.

To create something, to learn, and have fun. It’s pretty simple.

That being said, I have seen a lot of traditional illustrators having meltdowns over people using “digital ink” for their Inktober pieces. Part of me agrees with the sentiment of an analog, so to speak, concentration on ink illustrations and what not. However, I was again reminded that this is supposed to be fun. I just don’t see the foul in using a tablet, or what have you. That isn’t something I thought I would be saying a decade ago, but, having been able to illustrate, and digitally ink, has opened up a bounty of creativity and discovery for many, many illustrators. Some of which were originally staunch feet-draggers with concerns to digital art, now thrive in it’s depths. Myself included.

As artists aren’t we supposed to try and push ourselves, push boundaries? Aren’t we supposed to encourage others to stretch their artistic and illustrative legs? I think it’s a foundational responsibility as an artist, to be honest. It’s what has kept people chasing images since forever.

So, with that, and with the decision to participate, I decided to mix it up and do both ink to paper, and stylus to tablet for Inktober this year. Hell, I may even do the majority with a tablet and newfangled whatsit. 

Because, at the end of the day. At the end of the 31 days of Inktober. It’s really just about having fun creatively, and pushing yourself a bit. 

I am looking forward to checking out what everyone is going to make. 

Other than that, I am going to be putting my time on here and the site. I have some pretty exciting things in the works, and Jamie will be adding jewelry before too long to accompany that. 

I hope all is well. Thank you for stopping by, see you next time. 

Make it count! 


The Switch and Forward Movement

Hey folks!

The first of September came and went, and we quietly switched over the site and accounts elsewhere (Twitter and IG) online. The original J.PEDEGANA site will still be connected, just rerouted to this spot. I’m slowly making different changes to the site, and figure that will be ongoing until I find something I am satisfied with. Which, may be forever.

I’m wanting to keep it somewhat simple, colorful, and open to add shop options. When we get more items physically, that will begin. Jamie will be making jewelry and different products, and my work, collaborations, stickers, and short run apparel and prints will all be housed in one spot. Finally.

I’m hoping to dive in more frequently to this blog, adding more personal and assorted content as I feel comfortable. It’s a solid outlet, and I enjoy it as a distraction and substitute for blathering on Facebook. I am currently teaching myself more coding, animation, and keeping up with an ever evolving digital media path, while still trying to keep an analog handle. Learning and experimenting is a fun part of art, maybe the best part. The toughest part is finding the time, but, it has to be made.

Jamie and I are excited about what Secret Fortress Workshop holds moving forward. We have a long term plan, but are open to surprises along the way. There’s still alot to do until either of us will be content with the content. We thank you, whoever you are, for coming by and keeping up. It means a ton, as do the messages and encouragement we have received. It won’t be taken for granted. We’ll do our best to make it count for sure.

Thanks again.

Play nice,

Jason & Jamie Pedegana (J.Pedegana - Secret Fortress)


Second post - Facebook and random thoughts


Today I had planned on writing a bit more about myself, but I feel some of that could be saved over time. So, instead, I am writing about really nothing. I know that in order to use this more, I am going to have to push myself a bit. Put more of myself out there, so to speak.

I kind of went the opposite direction by fully deactivating my personal Facebook account this week. I no longer felt the platform was of a positive use for me. After years (especially the last few) of aimlessly scrolling through politics, food photos, clickbait, and shares of shares of shares; it was time to step away. Will it be permanent? I'm not sure, but that's what my plan is.

The reason I mention it, and decided to just blather on here instead, is because I feel as though it affected my art and creative ability negatively. I don't know if anyone else out there has had this experience, if so drop me a line. I would be curious as to who else has had this happen noticeably. I think overall it was just kind of a time suck. Time that could be used more constructively, or positively.
I did leave my art page and working studio pages up, because I don't really want to take them down. They most likely will not be updated too frequently, that's the last thing I need to do. To be honest, FB as a platform for illustrators and visual artists isn't that appealing to me. It's very share driven, which is great. Unfortunately a lot of times instead of a share, it will result in a copy and paste of your work with no credit. It will be then shared by someone else, and so on, and so on. I understand that the internet is a rampant place for theft, fully. I just feel like the tact and entitlement to share without arts credit or anything until it becomes a stagnant piece is tenfold on Facebook more than anywhere else. In a nutshell; that's why I left. That and the uptick in sanctimonious narcissism. It was starting to depress me.

All that being said, I am somewhat excited to use this space as a diary of sorts.
A journal of an assorted whatever.
Not knowing what I will put on here, or what will come of it, is kind of appealing in it's mystery.

I am not a writer by any means, but I enjoy getting thoughts and ideas out there into the ether. There are going to be mistakes, and thats the fun of the process.

I do know that eventually this page will be switched over to Secret Fortress Workshop, my working studio. I believe that is actually what my next post will be about. I just want to be able to flush out more detail about it, and what I want to do with it, and why a name change...again.

Until then, thanks for stopping by. I don't know who is reading this, however, thanks for taking the time out of your day to do so.


Play nice,



Hello all!

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and checking everything out! Secondly, I have never really gravitated toward a blog before, so let's see how this goes. I can guarantee it will sometimes be left unattended, but, I will put a concerted effort into keeping it updated.

I guess my first post will just be a simple "hello" to you, and thanks again for stopping by. If there are any questions, info, or the like you would like me to post here; feel free to send me a message with your suggestion. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this so it didn't just stay blank.

It was annoying me, too.
Talk with you all soon.

- Jason